The Jemekk Long/Short Fund is an alternative investment partnership that invests primarily in Canadian and US based securities. The Fund was created to carry on the business of investing in securities with the objective of providing investors with consistent, positive, absolute returns. These investment goals will be met primarily through long and short investments in equities, convertible bonds, options, futures and other capital market instruments.

Jemekk Long Short January 2021

Jemekk Long Short Commentary Q4 2020

Return Highlights

Compound Annualized Returns 7.91%
Average Monthly Return 0.73%
Total Positive/Negative Months 136/63

Statistical Analysis

Percentage of Months Beat Benchmark When Positive 46%
Percentage of Months Beat Benchmark When Negative 64%
Annual Standard Deviation 14.61%
Sharpe Ratio (0.5%) 0.56
Sortino Ratio (MAR=0%) 0.81

Fund Returns vs Benchmarks (%)

1yr 3yr 5yr 10yr *CAGR
Jemekk Long Short Fund 7.33 3.32 9.46 4.08 7.91
S&P TSX 3.46 6.12 9.51 5.62 7.35
S&P TSX Small Cap 16.75 3.18 9.78 1.37 3.63

* CAGR (compound annual growth rate) is the annualized return rate since inception; all fund returns are net of fees.